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A new phone number - +420 604 392 538!

As you may have noticed, there were few news on my web pages and I did not answer emails on time... Unfortunately, we are not out masters all the time and taking care of others is the priority. And sometimes, there are even more worries, unexpected ones...

When I had the time to check on your emails, I enjoyed them very much, looking through wonderful photos of growing puppies, and laughed at long letters (e.g. Tony's owner is a real writer :-)) and I started looking forward to meet some of you in person...

and I believe we will make it!

I received for example news that Deli - Dubuque Delique Aratinga - has her first trial from obedience with Excellent!!! Big congratulations to both the ladies!

Since it is a beautiful sunny day today, go outside and send me some nice autumn-style photo with your "Aratinga-friend" :-) Looking forward to!

PS: Please note my new phone number!!!


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