Aratinga Collie Rough

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Aratinga Collie Rough

Collie is embodiment of beauty, intelligence and friendship

It can be free - spirited, but is also able to get to grips witch with new situations. It is modest, friendly, sensitive... it is a dog with the aristocratic soul in the best sense of the word. It will not let you down, and you should not let it down. It remembers, and it does not forget. It works enthusiastically and prefers new stimuli, it is not a dog to cherish in monotonous and repetitive activities. It will be your companion wherever you whish to go. Do take it with you! It loves trips, and it does not matter if it is one kilometre or ten kilometres long - collie will always follow you happily. You can trust its sense of direction (in the forest, you can count on collie to show you the shortest way to your car, even if other people suggest different ways - isn't it so mum:-) Do trust its instincts! Collie will not talk back, it will not oppress you with constant need of attention, it can wait, and loves children. And it has a sweet, attentive, and sincere look.

If your heart started to beat faster now because you decided to have a collie, please take a look at our puppies. Perhaps you will find one which you will love and we will meet soon!